Addressing Angular Single-Event Effects in the Estimation of On-Orbit Error Rates

Author D. S. Lee; G. M. Swift; M. J. Wirthlin; J. Draper
Abstract This study describes complications introduced by angular direct ionization events on space error rate predictions. In particular, prevalence of multiple-cell upsets and a breakdown in the application of effective linear energy transfer in modern-scale devices can skew error rates approximated from currently available estimation models. This paper highlights the importance of angular testing and proposes a methodology to extend existing error estimation tools to properly consider angular strikes in modern-scale devices. These techniques are illustrated with test data provided from a modern 28 nm SRAM-based device.
Publication IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Volume 62
Issue 6
Pages 2563-2569
Date 2015
DOI 10.1109/TNS.2015.2498641
ISSN 0018-9499;00189499


Error analysis;Estimation;Ionization;Radiation effects