Using Benchmarks for Radiation Testing of Microprocessors and FPGAs

Author H. Quinn; W. H. Robinson; P. Rech; M. Aguirre; A. Barnard; M. Desogus; L. Entrena; M. Garcia-Valderas; S. M. Guertin; D. Kaeli; F. L. Kastensmidt; B. T. Kiddie; A. Sanchez-Clemente; M. S. Reorda; L. Sterpone; M. Wirthlin
Abstract Performance benchmarks have been used over the years to compare different systems. These benchmarks can be useful for researchers trying to determine how changes to the technology, architecture, or compiler affect the system’s performance. No such standard exists for systems deployed into high radiation environments, making it difficult to assess whether changes in the fabrication process, circuitry, architecture, or software affect reliability or radiation sensitivity. In this paper, we propose a benchmark suite for high-reliability systems that is designed for field-programmable gate arrays and microprocessors. We describe the development process and report neutron test data for the hardware and software benchmarks.
Publication IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Volume 62
Issue 6
Pages 2547-2554
Date 2015
DOI 10.1109/TNS.2015.2498313
ISSN 0018-9499;00189499


Benchmark testing;Fault tolerance;Field programmable gate arrays;System performance